Imported Japanese products

Poporaya is more than just a sushi bar. Alongside its welcome, hospitality, and family atmosphere, you can also find a real Japanese food shop, where you can find the best directly imported Japanese products.

But do not imagine the usual Japanese market. At Poporoya you find can the best products from our kitchen, the same that Master Shiro chooses and uses for his own preparations, and your shopping experience will be accompanied by the expertise and advice of our kitchen staff.

Japanese food

Japanese food shop in Milan

From packaged to fresh products, Poporoya choose the best Japanese brands and brings them to Milan, offering them first in its menu and then giving the opportunity to those who wish to engage in the art of Japanese cooking at home.

At Poporoya you can find seaweed, wasabi, tofu, seasonings, edamame, soups, drinks, sake, and everything you need to enjoy Japanese cuisine and products in the comfort of your home.

A real piece of Japan in Milan

For all fans of this cuisine, which is a real artform, Master Shiro offers the best, selected directly from the top imported Japanese products.

Visit us at our headquarters in Via Esutachi, in Milan, to discover the wonders of Japan.

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