Sushi dishes and much more

Poporoya Sushi Bar offers a menu based on dishes belonging to traditional Japanese cuisine. Their preparation, cooking and presentation is the result of the knowledge Master Shiro learned during his hard years of apprenticeship in Japan. That's why nothing in our menu is left to chance.

From sushi to sashimi, chirashizushi to classic miso soup, as well as preparations with udon noodles, tonkatsu, houjicha, tempura and takos, Poporoya prepares the best of Japanese dishes.

Traditional Japanese cuisine

The dishes of Japanese cuisine

Traditional Japanese cuisine is often associated with sushi dishes and sashimi. And it is certainly true that fish, fresh and carefully chosen every day, is the foundation of our cuisine. Fish is the most typical of traditional Japanese products. But it is not the only one. Japanese cuisine includes many other delicacies, such as tempura, or many types of soup made with udon noodles (like thick wheat flour spaghetti) or soba noodles (fine buckwheat spaghetti). These preparations are also joined by the less well known but equally tasty tonkatsu, the famous Japanese "fried" cutlet, served with chopped cabbage and miso soup.

Sushi and sashimi dishes: fresh fish every day

As tradition has it, the cuisine of Master Shiro is characterised by a careful choice of the best fish, always fresh every day. Sushi and sashimi from Poporoya dishes are characterised not only by the cutting of the fillets according to the Japanese art, ensuring optimum flavour and fragrance, but also the freshness and the quality of fresh fish.

Our menu is a little universe of cultural traditions for you to discover.

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