Japanese restaurant according to tradition

The Poporoya sushi bar was born from the ancient tradition of Japanese culinary culture and the expertise of Master Shiro, the first in Milan, with dishes that follows the practices and processes of traditional Japanese cuisine.

From how the rice is cooked to how the fish is cut and, above all, in the presentation, the cuisine of Poporaya follows tradition by offering a top quality sushi.

Sushi bar Milan

Sushi in Milan

Master Shiro was the first Sushi Master to take the leap and open his own restaurant in Milan, at a time when eating raw fish seemed totally alien.


There are two types of sushi bar:

  • more traditional, where the courses are served individually and are often chosen directly from the fish shop window and the dishes are freshly prepared by the Sushi Master;
  • the so-called "kaiten-sushi", where the dishes, prepared a few minutes before in the kitchen, are presented on a conveyor belt, and the customer picks up directly what they want.

Many Japanese restaurants in Milan, also offer a sushi takeaway service.

Poporoya Sushi bar

Today, now that traditional Japanese cuisine is more and more fashionable and popular, Poporoya Sushi Bar has not abandoned quality or tradition, brining them together in the typical friendly atmosphere that reigns at Shiro's.

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