We know how important it is to offer a quality service to our customers, which is why we use only the finest natural and nutritious ingredients in our traditional dishes.

A sample of our specialties:

- soy-based dishes

- sushi

- miso soup

- tofu dishes

- chirashi

- sashimi

- yakitori

Please note that Poporoya Sushi Bar also offers a TAKEAWAY SERVICE.


Thanks to our dedication to all aspects of service and the level of professionalism shown over the years, we have won major industry awards as a testament to the high quality of service and of the products we offer.

We are founding members of the Associazione Italiana Ristoratori Giapponesi (Italian Association of Japanese Restaurateurs) and members of the Associazione Ristoratori Giapponesi di Tokio (Japanese Restaurateurs Association of Tokyo).

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